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Even with Bad Credit You Can Always Apply for Car Title Loans York Ontario

Bad credit or no credit is what makes a subprime borrower a high risk borrower. Normally denied by banks and financial institutions, these subprime borrowers have a credit score of less than 650. Even if a loan is approved, the interest rates will be much higher from the already high rates offered. Fortunately, there are collateral vehicle title loans specializing in serving subprime borrowers.

Credit reports will not matter

No matter what your credit rating is, it will not matter when applying for collateral car title loans. For one, the loan is secured since what matters is the collateral that covers the loan. This collateral is your fully owned car and the lien free car title.

Make sure that the true market value is clear

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You Can Find Car Title Loans York Ontario Even if You Have Bad Credit

The collateral car title loan amount is based on the value of your car

The loan amount that you qualify for is based on the different factors of your car. Since your car will be the collateral, the car must be completely owned and paid for with no outstanding loans or liens on the car title. The loan amount will depend on the true market value of your car. Normally, collateral car title loans have loan amounts that are really huge.

Interest rates are always the lowest

Unlike short term loans and unsecured bank loans that have very high interest rates, collateral car title loans have the lowest interest rates in the lending industry. Payments can be as low as $97 per month.

Payment terms are long and flexible